Kn95 face masks


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Disposable KN95 Mask: Disposable KN95 mask, sanitary and convenient for use.
Multiple Layer & Premium Quality: Inner hydrophilic layer+ filtering layer + hydrophobic layer. Made of fine quality material, safe, soft and comfortable.
Preventing Droplet & 95% Filtration: By covering the mouth and nose, it prevents droplets from spreading. Simple steps for wearing. Effectively protect you from being infected with the virus, especially when you are outdoors.
One Size Fits All: Elastic straps and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and sizes.
Wide Application: Both home and professional use, perfect for daily use, outdoor activities, and hospitals.

Material: Non-woven Fabric
Color: Random
Qty: 10pcs
Protection Class: KN95
Filtering Rate: ≥95%
Temperature: <50℃
Humidity: <80%
Size: 115 * 115mm / 4.5 * 4.5in
Package size: 300 * 150 * 20mm / 11.8 * 5.9 * 0.8in
Package weight: 100g / 3.5ounce

Packing List:
10 x KN95 Mask




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